12 sounds clearly gives you goosebumps

Sometimes, you will listen to several different voices. A fascinating sounds and a terrible sounds. There may be fascinating sounds: for example, birdsong, cute catcalls or when you listen to the sound of tides. Any these sounds create your sense good. But, there are some unpleasant sounds, for example, that make you afraid or envious of goosebumps. Here are 12 sounds for you.

  1. Cutlery goes along your teeth
  2. Page that cuts
  3. Playing with Polystyrene foam
  4. Nails going over the chalkboard
  5. Head scratching
  6. The cup was freshly out from the dishwasher
  7. Sweeping over the sidewalk
  8. Someone smacking
  9. Cutting Nails
  10. Abrasive sense and dry hands sound.
  11. Pencil rubbing on paper
  12. Craking joints 
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