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27 facts about girls feeling

1. When a girl says no, they honestly say no.
2. Look out of girls. Therefore, if she wants you, she will never notice.
3. Girls care about costume and cosmetic, when you observe it, girls like it.
4. If you ignore girls, they will hate it.
5. Girls only talk more. When we are quiet, usually something happens to ask.
6. When you trust and show them, girls like it.
7. For “boyfriends”, girls are easy to worry about. This means that she is afraid of losing you.
8. If she is nervous or shy, she will like you more.
9. Girls don’t like fake, just be yourself. Is it too hard?
10. Girls don’t like to be teased until they are irritated.
11. If a girl says she knows nothing, or she can be. Can you accept this often?
12. That girl quickly said I love you. they are not even true.
13. Girls like to be safe and secure. They clearly remember her because she has a boyfriend
14. Most girls do not like to eat in front of boys.
15. Girls think friendship is sacred. Therefore, you should also convince to make be friends.
16. Girls like to whistle secretly.
17. Girls are smarter than boys at first.
18. Girls do not like to take the main step. That money can handle everything.
19. If a girl prefers you, she will only look at the positive side.
20. Girls like to be complimented.
21. When you tease a girl, the girl likes it. Even if you know better.
22. We do not like you to be jealous, only most of us know.
23. When you support girls, they like it.
24. When you’re done, don’t expect you to keep friends. This increases the embarrassment.
25. Girls wish to chat or calls. Although they have short time.
26. Girls watch plenty of goodness.
27. The girls wish tiny and reasonable gifts to show that you love them.