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5 impressive facts about the penis

There are so many articles about penis. Even if thought constantly aware of male sex organs, this facts of penis still surprises.

Remember that the penis is broken

Your penis may not carry arms, but penis breaks can occur shortly. Therefore, in reality, it is not actually a fracture, but a crack in the sponge. When the penis is broken, you will notice noticeable cracks or tears.

A large or small penis is often good

Conversations about penis are usually the practically about length. A loose penis can just tell its vertical shape. It is a belief that an old man or a man with big legs has a large penis. penis size is less crucial. greatly women are convinced with the length of the husband penis. Additionally, the female vaginal twin fits the penis size.

Meat penis and blood penis

There are two varieties of penis, fleshy penis and blood penis. By looking at the relaxed state of the penis, you can easily tell them. The blood penis is very small, but if it hardens, it expands too much. The fluffy meat penis is very big in the sponge state, but does not improve greatly if it fits stiff.

You already think your gender has its own life

Men commonly remember little impact on penis behaviour. Your penis hangs on your central nervous system and men can do nothing about it.

Take care of Zipper

Particularly in boys, the penis gets injure in the zip, which is one of the greatly accepted penis injuries. In fact, it feels painful. In maximum cases, the penis is not always harmed. oil like vegetable is a basic method for zip injuries. Pour too much oil on the sufferer, and then stay a moment, periodically the skin will automatically drop.