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6 tips for you don’t feel like exercising

Although exercising often gives you a very nice feeling, starting it is still a different story. When you are lying on the couch, the step to the gym or to start with a workout is quite big. Therefore, below 6 motivation tips for when you really do not feel like exercising at all!

Put on your sportswear

It can be very motivating if you already have your sportswear on. If you lie on the couch in your bathrobe, it is, of course, more difficult to take action.

After each sport session, write comment how you feel

After each workout, write down exactly how you feel. This way you can browse through your notes when things go wrong to get motivation.

View old sports photos of yourself

Also, take a look at old photos. This way you can see how successful or not you were then. You can still do what you could then maybe even better.

Watch sports on television

Switch to a sports channels before you start exercising and get in the mood. When you see others moving, you automatically feel like it.

Change your routine

When you can be found in the gym several times a week, it can get boring at some point. Then change your routine in time.

Although you can also provide some variation on the way to the gym: best example, vehicle or walking a different route to the gym. That will make it a lot more fun.

Create a new playlist

Do you, like many others, always listen to music while exercising? Then create a new playlist. This not only makes you want to listen to the new music, but you are also extra motivated to exercise well do more.