8 tips walking will be much easier

The walk consists mainly of mental stimulation. If you have been running for some time, your motivation will suddenly disappear. With these 8 mental skills, walking becomes easier.

1. Inspirational Mantra or Song

Do you have a personal mantra or a powerful song that excites your extra motivation? Think of a phrase that allows you to continue and reappear. It also helps to bring in exciting songs. Can you walk without music? Then you can play songs in your mind!

2. Trust in help when tired

If you are really tired, this can help you start counting. Over the last few kilometres, this will help you count things down, which will relieve your fatigue. Count the trees, racers, cars… whatever you want. Never mind you’ve lost, please start again!

3. Walk to a place

At the end of the running session, it can be overwhelming. Then try to walk to a certain place like a tree. When you arrive, select a new point. It helps to give you perseverance.

4. Think about your rewards

What do you do after walking? Do you want something tasty and healthy? Another reason to do your best!

5. Consider your technique

Keep your back straight, loosen your arms, keep your head upright and use your hips. If you pay attention to your technique, you will get distracted. Not only does this make walking easier, but it also makes it better.

6. Focus on the breath

Forget all the negative thoughts and focus on the breath. Repeat slowly. Listen to your breath, you never know. This spiritual truck resembles an active meditation practice. You are free and easy to walk.

7. Conversation is important.

Quickly! “Come on, you’ll be there!” Tell yourself, it will give you more motivation.

 8. Divide the resistance into several parts

 Are you going too far? Then divide your career evenly. Instead of walking 20 km, you can walk 5 km 4 times, feel more organized

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