Choosing the right shoes for walking

Good sports shoes are a must. They provide the necessary support for your feet and prevent painful injuries.

What should you focus on when buying sports shoes? We contact sports professionals for advise

1. Don’t buy shoes that are too short

While exercising, move your feet a few millimeters an inch forward. As a result, the size of your sneakers will be half or the total size of regular shoes. When trying this, make sure your toe is not touching the front of the shoe. Keep your fingers wide between the toes and boots, otherwise you risk blisters or bluish nails.

2. Weight is an important factor.

Those who weigh 80kg require different sneakers than those who weigh 55kg. The heavier the weight, the more important the shock absorption. When exercising, your weight will triple. These vibrations extend from the heel to the spine. If you weigh more than 80 kilograms, it is advisable to buy specially designed shoes with extra shock absorption. These shoes use a strong foam mid console to better absorb shock.

3. It is advisable to try on your shoes in the afternoon.

When exercising, the feet are slightly swollen. For example, your shoes may be very appropriate at the beginning of the workout and may start pinching after a few minutes. When I tried on my shoes that afternoon, my feet were already a little swollen.

4. Take old sneakers to the store

Every athlete goes his own way. By wearing unique shoes you can check the balance of the foot. The soles used mainly outside or inside the shoes have different walking patterns. In this case, you need special shoes to support your feet. Is your shoe soles evenly worn over the entire sole? Then you are a neutral runner.

5. Don’t put on good sneakers

Good sneakers are usually more expensive. They support your feet, take a good posture and absorb the shock. If you don’t walk in high quality sneakers, sooner or later you will get hurt. Physical therapists and treatments cost more than what they cost for quality sports shoes.

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