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How alcohol affects sports performance

Do you occasionally drink a glass of wine after a workout? You may think you’ve earned it, but is it better to drink alcohol after a workout? This ensures that your muscles recover more slowly and break down less fat. Read about all the effects of alcohol on sports performance here.

Do you sleep after exercising? According to research, it is not advisable to drink alcohol before bed. This will make you sleepless and reduce the depth. You can even reduce your bedtime by two hours! Alcohol can disrupt your sleep rhythm, which is bad news for your muscles. After sleep at night, your growth hormone is reduced by 70%. Your growth hormone is important for muscle development, which helps you look younger.

You absorb less nutrients. Alcohol can irritate the sides of the stomach. In this way, your body absorbs fewer nutrients from food. If there is stomach pain after drinking, it is related to the stomach side. Also, alcohol makes you more likely to urinate. After exercise, your body drains faster and you experience headaches, dry skin, muscle aches and bladder infections.

The body has no chance of recovering after exercise, the muscles need to recover. If you drink alcohol, the repair process is interrupted. Your body absorbs carbohydrates differently, so you can save only 50% of your reserves. Do you really want to go to that party after a workout? Then eat something that helps the muscles recover. After a workout, a combination of protein and carbohydrates (such as walnuts) is ideal.

When you drink alcohol after a workout, your body thinks it is more important to break down alcohol than to burn fat. Alcohol breaks down amino acids and stores them as fat. Additionally, alcohol increases your cortisol levels, a stress hormone that allows you to accumulate more fat.