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6 tips can you burn more fat on an stomach

Do you want to burn more fat in your stomach? These simple tips will keep you healthy.


When jogging, it is advisable to alternate slower running sessions with a few faster sprints. When running slower, you burn more fat, and during a faster sprint, you burn more calories.

2. Hiking

Intensive walking is more beneficial to your health. Alternate fast and slow steps and walk for 30 minutes. The concentration lasts for 5 minutes and then slowly changes to 2 minutes. Do this exercise for 30 minutes to get the best results. Do you want to earn more with exercise? Moving heavy objects or backpacks makes walking more focussed. You can also try water, the saggy areas give your muscles a good result.

3. Swim

To train all muscle groups in the body, use different swim styles to alternate with one another. Try to use only hands and feet. Swim for at least half an hour to get the most out of your swim workout routine.

4. Jump up the rope

Rope jumping feels like a child’s play, but it’s
one of the most intense exercises. You can also burn 130 calories in 10 minutes. Try to jump back and forth. Each time you open and close your legs, jump to the right and left. Try to jump for at least 10 to 15 minutes without stopping.

5. Improve tennis

Try more games instead of the standard ones. By hitting the ball back and forth, you move more than you want to win every time.

6. Cycling offers greater benefits

Maximize your bike by working at a certain speed and time. Bicycle fast for a minute, then slow down a bit. Then try to drive at the same speed and slow down. Is there a hill accept the challenge.