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Squats benefits before and after exercise

Squats are one of the most effective exercises out there. Especially when you’re busy and don’t have much time to move.

If you do about 15 squats 2 to 3 sets every day you will definitely notice a difference.

1.Squats strengthen the muscles throughout your body

Squats work wonders for your buttocks, but they also help the rest of your body. The exercise is very intense, which is why your body will release hormones that are essential for your muscle development. Squat exercises will strengthen both your lower and upper body.

2. You will burn fat and lose weight

Not only do you gain more muscle, squats also burn calories. It is one of the most effective ways to burn a lot of calories in a short time. For every kg of muscle you gain, your body will burn 70 more calories per day. So not bad!

3.Squat exercises are good for your digestion

The muscle exercises improve your blood circulation so that waste products are removed faster and nutrients are moved faster. This even aids your digestion.

4. You can do it anywhere, anytime

You don’t have to go to a gym to do squat exercises. You don’t need expensive equipment and you can do it anywhere. So it is perfect for people who have a busy work schedule. You really have no more excuses for not doing it!

5.You will adopt a better posture

The muscles that you strengthen during your squat exercises will ensure that you adopt a better posture. You will stand better upright, making you look taller and more confident. It also strengthens your back, so you avoid back pain if you sit down for too long.

6.Squat exercises can balance your hormones

During this exercise, your body produces a lot of growth hormone. Growth hormone is responsible for burning fat, building muscle tissue, a good mood, a higher and a better immune system. Do you also feel like starting immediately?

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Why is streching important in sports performance

Exercise ends with a special stretching exercise before or after each exercise. Stretching after exercise can cause muscle pain. In theory, stretching is a sport. This makes you more active, in this way, non-athletes can maintain a good posture. Stretching exercises give you new energy and encourage the elimination of waste. You can understand why the effect of stretching and stretching is so good in the latter part.

Static Stretch

Static stretching is one of the most effective stretching techniques today. For beginners and older athletes, this is a good approach. This type of stretching is done according to its flexibility and can be used without the risk of further injury. With static stretching, you can stretch your muscles up to the maximum length. You should hold the muscle for 15 to 20 seconds.

What muscles should I stretch?

Stretching is often overlooked, which can lead to unpleasant consequences. The muscles begin to shrink automatically, reducing the flexibility of the joints. The following muscle groups are important for full expansion:

  • The chest muscle
  • The neck muscles
  • Lower back muscles
  • Thigh muscles
  • Muscles inside the legs

These muscles should be reduced in daily life.

How do I proceed properly?

We all remember what we learned in school. Most people do these exercises when they start exercising. However, you may not know that most of these exercises are not recommended because they usually damage the band and muscles. At the same time, many new stretching techniques have been invented. It is advisable for professionals to search the Internet and listen to their suggestions. Some tips to look for when you are stretching:

Before stretching, the muscles should be warm, so it is advisable to do stretching exercises immediately after each workout to keep the muscles flexible and elastic.
The stretch should be done for 15 to 20 seconds.

Do each exercise 2-3 times.

Stretch without stress, so stretch slowly and take time to rest.

It is important that you do not exceed the pain threshold during stretching exercises, and do not ever suffer stretching exercises.

Make sure you don’t hold your breath, exhale evenly.

Keep your back straight during each exercise.

Benefits of Stretching

  1. Stretching helps the body relax after exercise.
  2. Stretching exercises produce more active joints, resulting in better athletic performance.
  3. Stretching makes our muscles more flexible.
  4. Stretching exercises ensure better blood circulation: greater stretching, less tight muscles.
  5. It makes us sleep better.
  6. After stretching or fit, you will feel energized.
  7. Helps reduce stress. When you are stressed, your muscles will shrink, so stretch your muscles to relax and apply pressure again.
  8. Stretch people often do better seating and relax more.
  9. Therefore, stretching exercises are very important for health and are part of good exercise. When stretching, try to relax.
    you can try some yoga exercises for the best results?
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6 tips for you don’t feel like exercising

Although exercising often gives you a very nice feeling, starting it is still a different story. When you are lying on the couch, the step to the gym or to start with a workout is quite big. Therefore, below 6 motivation tips for when you really do not feel like exercising at all!

Put on your sportswear

It can be very motivating if you already have your sportswear on. If you lie on the couch in your bathrobe, it is, of course, more difficult to take action.

After each sport session, write comment how you feel

After each workout, write down exactly how you feel. This way you can browse through your notes when things go wrong to get motivation.

View old sports photos of yourself

Also, take a look at old photos. This way you can see how successful or not you were then. You can still do what you could then maybe even better.

Watch sports on television

Switch to a sports channels before you start exercising and get in the mood. When you see others moving, you automatically feel like it.

Change your routine

When you can be found in the gym several times a week, it can get boring at some point. Then change your routine in time.

Although you can also provide some variation on the way to the gym: best example, vehicle or walking a different route to the gym. That will make it a lot more fun.

Create a new playlist

Do you, like many others, always listen to music while exercising? Then create a new playlist. This not only makes you want to listen to the new music, but you are also extra motivated to exercise well do more.

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why proper breathing is important during exercise

It feels natural to breathe properly, but still many people improve their breathing. Especially when exercising, it is difficult to maintain a normal breath and the exercise you are doing does not take it away You may be primarily engaged in exercising yourself, but it is also important to consider breathing. In this article you can read why it is so important and how to maintain proper breathing while exercising.

The importance of good breathing while exercising.

You need energy to exercise. Getting enough energy is important, especially during strenuous exercise or prolonged exercise (for example, you need to run longer).You may not consider it, but breathing well can also increase energy during exercise. Because burning energy requires oxygen, and getting good oxygen requires good breathing skills.The bottom line: if you don’t take it properly, you won’t get enough oxygen and you’ll notice it through energy levels.

Breathe well when exercising: how you do it

It is not easy to use good breathing skills when exercising. If you are a beginner, do intense exercise or do not know how to relax when exercising, however, use good breathing skills. The best way to keep breathing is to try to breathe in the “normal” way possible. Do not hold your breath, hold your breath, do not release your breath, take very little breath, but hold your breath for a while.You can maintain your “normal” breathing by paying attention to your breathing and maintaining a good breathing rate while exercising.