What kind of travelers you are

  • Everyone knows few of real travelers. Maybe you are one of them. travelers come in various shapes and sizes, so it is not possible to combine them.We have listed some variants for you.What kind of travelers are you?

An organized traveler

you provides everything for the entire journey. Therefore, it is useful for travel partners who travel with you. when occurs drawback is that if things don’t go according to plan, you gets scared. You want to control your travel and therefore planned activities.


You want to bring a travel bag for a low budget holiday.You are one of the elegant travelers.As long as it’s fun, you don’t care which hotel or hotel you’re sleeping in.There are 10 people sitting in a small room, lying on the floor, sleeping on a bench in the city, is just too mad for you.

Comfort traveler

you wish pleasant journey.There is no camp or hostels for you. You get business class flights, taxis and all-inclusive hotels. At least there is nothing wrong, but you have to spend very little money to travel with you.


You are a real person, follow the tent in the forest, condemn other camp guests, lie down on an inflatable bed: you do not have to travel outdoors, you are eager to visit the most beautiful places in the area and you have to travel and thanks to nature