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The actual t-shirt for men. How to select it?

The new white t-shirt is excellent because you can show it anywhere, any event and it can be paired flawlessly with any dress. But also your t-shirt should be excellent. This is the precise significance of settling and I prefer to clarify it

Get around neck

Replace the V-neck. Gentleman, this is an old trend but superb. The rounded neck is better classy, traditional and extraordinary.

Pay attention to the shoulder seam.

The shoulder chest should entirely lie on the shoulder. So do not depart it midway, because in that case, your shirt is truly too big. The just moment of the trapezius muscle is not at all, because the t-shirt is too tight.


Do you love lengthy sleeve t-shirts? So you can choose this. If you need a “simple” t-shirt, use information to the cloth you decide. For instance, fibre or cotton just constantly shrink. Accordingly, it is adequate to scrub the t-shirt at a low weather than the clothes dryer.


If you are a slight full then select a loose/casual shirt. Are you too thin? So slim figure is not a difficulty for you. However, make sure your shirt fits your body!

Good fabric

Of course, cotton is always a good thing! It is well ventilated, easy to clean and of good quality. Do you like to wear other clothes and t-shirts? For example, wear a shirt made of material cotton. Breathing is good and very soft.


Reasonable, is it dangerous? No, not often. we all know, branded names like jockey or us polo always produce excellence apparel. They retain their own brands, so they do everything for it. you want safety? Then select a prominent type of brands with decent quality.