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This is the presence of healthy urine.

Healthy urine is usually clear, from soft yellow to bright yellow. This is because your body is frequent producing Euro chrome.  Do you see other colours?  So this means:

Light yellow or dark yellow

Do you drink too much water? So clear reservoir is common. Of course, you don’t drink much alcohol but your urine is still clean? Because it can happen to patients with kidney failure or diabetes, anything can happen.

If you drink too much water or too much sweat, your urine will appear dark yellow again due to increased urinary pigment. This explains why his urine is so dark in the morning: later he drinks for a few hours and loses a lot of water during sleep.

Bright yellow

Do you take riboflavin vitamin B2?  So your urine is likely to turn bright yellow. Some medications also turn the colour yellow.


If the urine is cloudy, it is not advisable to consult a doctor.  May signs: urinary tract infection, urinary tract infection

Red colour

Similarly, it is advisable to discuss a doctor because the cause may be different: the cause may be a kidney problem and It could even be cancer also

blue green

This strange feeling can occur when you eat certain foods or take certain medications.


Two Identical types of are distinguished here: brown red indicates hepatitis.  Dark brown bile prevents damage.

White: There may be signs of leakage in the bladder or kidneys from the lymphatic system.Gray: You may have stones in the kidney. Black: If it is black urine, it is probable to excrete melanin, for example, if someone has skin problems