Try: what type of character you are

Sometimes people ask about your strengths and weaknesses – for example, at your first meeting or job interview. What do you say? Are you honest about being lazy? All good and bad traits are mixed. What is your role? these 4 for you


You can find him with anyone, they rarely argue. You are super friendly human beings everywhere. You don’t want to interact with acquaintances or strangers. He soon connects well with others and expects many to be around.


You are truly at peace. There is no pressure on you. You are always completely calm. You have a calming effect on the people around you. Sometimes, depending on what other people think, you can be very calm, for example, when you need to act. But … don’t worry, just relax.

Too much stress

You are the opposite of a cool character. Using little things can be very stressful. You will soon be afraid and it will be difficult to keep an overview. Very useful in situations where quick action is needed.


You are always the most interesting hope. When everyone is sad, you will again inspire the audience. Make a joke, a funny behaviour, imitate others, whatever you want! You try your best to make everyone laugh. You, too are always smiling.

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