Try: what you like after drinking?

Are you drinker ? Everyone drinks beer or alcohol mostly. Alcohol can have a strange effect on your body and people’s reactions are very different. What do you like when drinking?


After drinking too much wine, this man is nostalgic. Anyone who prevents you from moving forward will be screwed up and in trouble or very bad.


Do you think this person would drink water instead of alcohol. The speaker tells lot. Sometimes they have serious conversations, while others times are trivial. For example, the speaker tells his life incidents countless times.

The person who smiles

They knows smiles. Nothing serious about this guy right? Laughter makes everyone comfortable. He or she creates the sorrunding laughs.


Even after drinking a lot of wine, the sleeper always stays asleep. A few hours later, the man get wake-up form halfway near the table or bench. He thought it was best to get to bed as soon as possible.

Bad ideas

When this person is drunk, they have only one thing left about sex. She or he is looking for good people and decorating.

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