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Try: Which girlfriend suits you best?

Because women have different body face and height, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right girlfriend. As a friend, you must select one, you will like and experience many things at once. Which girl did you like best? Here are the 4 types listed for you.

1. Autonomous girlfriend

A girlfriend who likes to go her own way. She has many hobbies and friends and can work alone.she will not expect her all the time

2. Clingy girlfriend

This is the opposite of independent girl. However, you cannot let this friend go, she will always be by your side. All her attentions should be on you. She just want more likes from her friend. However, some people like it.

3. Active Girlfriend

This person wants continuous action, “walking” together, weekly travels and so on. She’s not sitting still. She likes doing interesting things every day.

4. Devotional girlfriend

The Spiritual girl finds meaning in everything. She is a bit crazy about this, and reads the weekly horoscope. She has solutions for every problem. However, she doesn’t mean harm at all.

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