Try: which Type of skin you have

Do you know the type of your skin In this section, you will know which type of skin you have? Do face wash and clean your face. Wait half-hour. During this period, do not use other medicines.

Decide on your skin:

There are four types of skin: normal, dry, combined and oily. Once you decide on your type, and maintain your skin clean. With these easy steps, you can find out what your skin looks like:

Types of skin:

Simple Skin:
This type of skin feels soft and comfy.
There are no especially oily or dry parts on skin.
Their pores are normal in size and almost don’t have pimples or blackheads.

Dry skin:
Your skin sometimes feels tight, puffy or flaky with scars and dry lines.
Its holes are almost invisible, with no obstructions or black spots. There are no soft areas on the face. Your skin will become thinner and red quickly.

Combined skin:
Your skin is oily, normal or dry. Generally, the skin area in the T-shaped area like chin and forehead is thicker than the rest of the face. Other portions, such as cheeks and dimples, may seem normal or dry. In fat areas, the pores are obvious and may have pimples or blackheads.

Oily skin:
There are oily areas on your skin or it’s going to look totally oily and glossy. After cleansing, the skin may feel tight. The pores are clear and blackheads and pimples are often visible.

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