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Use your toothpaste for different things!

Does everyone clean their teeth with toothpaste? Everyone remembers that toothpaste is adequate for your teeth. Still, did you know that you can also use toothpaste inside and outside the home to handle several items?

1. Polished iron
Rinse the iron with toothpaste. Apply some toothpaste to the fabric and the iron will glow then!

2. Reduce stains from furniture
You can handily reduce liquid stains on the furniture with a slight toothpaste!

3. Avoid scrapes on your mobile devices
You can reduce the scrapes on the mobile screen by applying a little toothpaste to the screen and then wiping with a fabric.

4. Neat the soles
Sneakers with white soles can be made pretty and white with a cloth material and some toothpaste.

5. Eliminate nail polish
You can easily remove your nails with a nail polish by brushing and scrubbing with a little toothpaste.