warm up exercises for legs before walking

Warm exercises are very important for walking to prevent injury. If your muscles are not warm enough, your muscles may sprain or break.

Therefore, it is important to be physically ready before the walk, and if you are exercising, these exercises are difficult to do. After all, you have never exercised before. In this section, you will learn some useful walking preparatory exercises. Before you start the walk, you will learn how to exercise this way. This way, you can prevent many injuries from happening.


It is important that you do not start walking with full force immediately. It already cures many sports injuries. Therefore, it is recommended to run it first. By jogging and quieting your muscles, you can mentally prepare yourself for the long walk. If you don’t like jogging, you can run faster to warm up your muscles. It is recommended to do this for a minimum of five minutes and a maximum of ten minutes.

Stretching exercises

After running, you can start stretching. Not all runners do this exercise. Some runners consider it boring or dangerous, while others feel the need to warm up. It is important to keep the muscles a little warm before stretching. Do this after five minutes of jogging or walking. By stretching, you can stretch your muscles as much as you can until you feel uncomfortable. You do this three times with your muscles, and then you warm up enough to start the walk.

Warm-up in cold weather

In cold weather, your muscles take longer to warm up naturally. brisk walking is the foundation for all runners. We recommend that you warm up for twenty minutes rather than ten minutes. You can make sure your muscles are warm enough and the cold doesn’t hurt them. Also, wearing sportswear will keep the muscles really warm in hot weather. Also, do not spend too much time between preparations and the start of the walk. Your muscles can become very cold, especially in cold weather and wear the incorrect sportswear.

Upper leg stretch steps

Hold the ankle and pull it to the hips with enough force. It should definitely not be painful. If you are honest, you can certainly do this.

  • Keep your knees neatly together while you stretch.
  • Tighten your abs while stretching to keep your back straight.
  • Switch to your other leg.
  • Stretch the back of the thigh
  • Place your foot on your heel and do this about one-foot length for your other foot.
  • Bend your torso towards your foot until you feel a stretch in your upper leg.
  • In the meantime, pull your toes towards you for extra stretch.
  • Your knees remain side by side during stretching.
  • Lower leg stretches at the back.
  • Put one leg back and your other leg forward.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor and bend your knee slightly off the leg that is forward.
  • Bend your torso forward toward your knee until you feel a stretch.
  • Let your body weight rest mainly on the front leg.
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