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Why do people talk while sleeping?

Are you the one who talks while you sleep? those who speak in their sleep generally do not remember having done it. What to do people talk while sleeping?

Talking funny

One moment there is a ghost in our balcony
Few seconds later am going to kill you. Did you understand that usually not understand what they are telling, but it’s actually funny?

Reason for Talking funny?

According to the study under 5%of adults speak in their sleep. Technically it is a type of parasomnia, in other words, a sleep disorder. When you go to sleep the chemicals are released. These substances have effect when you sleep, so for some people, this is not the case and causes them to talk while sleeping.

When does it happen?

It occurs any time of night’s sleep. but usually talk during (rapid eye moment)
When your eye is moving fast and your brain activity is almost as active as when you are awake.

Especially between men and women, men talk more in their sleep than women.
According to doctors research indicates stress, depression, alcohol, sleep deprivation and fever. some exciting incidents nightmares and sleep apnea can stimulate nocturnal conversation.