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why you dislike your own voice in a recording?

When you hear many people talking in an audio or video recording, they don’t like his voice. The sound you hear is totally different from the sound you make. How? Why is the voice you hear is different than others?

How do we know?

The source of the sound concludes how we listen. When we listen to external sounds, sound waves from the air enter our ears. These sound flows are carried through the ear. Then ripple the small bones, and the waves eventually enter the cochlea. The cochlea modifies vibrations into nerve impulses, which are then explained by the brain.


What you listen as you speak is through the bones and through the air. So, it can be mainly internally and externally. The sensible waves that pass through the bones reach cochlea directly. That is, you think of sound as normal but when you hear a video or record the sound you hear, it disappears. Also, our skull and head bones absorb less vibration they reduce frequency vibration, so your own voice is lower than the original sound.